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Malaki Keller

Mal's Fantasy Factory
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Los Angeles
Evidenced by a more than 20 year career creating magical things in the fields of film, television, comics and toys, Malaki Keller strives for a unique look in all he creates. Whether detailing artwork, crafting props and costumes, or designing and building toys, each of his creations develops its own sense of personality. Past credits include Alien Resurrection and Starship Troopers on film, Star trek deep space 9 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV, as well as Airwalk and Heineken advertising campaigns. Working in foam, clay, resin, plastic, wood, or any other material to get the job done, he has even worked with chocolate! Most of you already know him based on some of the elaborate cosplay he has created for himself or others such as Multiple Cybermen, Kandyman, K-1, and Davros to name a few.