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Ly Cao

Manager & PR Fairy
Richmond, VA
Ly is the manager and PR Fairy for PixelWho, which creates pixelated geeky artwork and products to several fandoms. PixelWho is most known for their collaboration with the official BBC game “Doctor Who: Legacy” and provided artwork for an entire storyline within the game called “Bigger on the Inside.” This collaboration led PixelWho’s artwork to become official and cannon to the extended Doctor Who Universe.

Outside of the convention circuit Ly is a Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse working at an urban level 1 trauma hospital. She gets to live out her dream of being a real life superhero by saving lives on a regular basis. She is also shaping the minds of the next generation of real life-saving superheroes by being a Professor at a University as well and serves as a Nurse Supervisor for her state’s health department.

Ly is most known for zipping around conventions as she speaks and moderates several panels at any given con, while also maintaining her uncanny ability to know as many people as possible. Outspoken and unabashed, she has been interviewed on a variety of podcasts, including Radio Free Skaro, Reality Bomb, The Incomparable, Who and Company, etc. She’s also provided writings to anthologies, is a professional storyteller for various live shows, and a COVID compliance officer for productions. Ly is a proud geek through and through and has a love of many fandoms.

Products: www.pixelwho.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pixelwho
Instagram: www.instagram.com/pixelwho
Twitter: www.twitter.com/LyCaoRN