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Michael J. Kouri

Psychic Medium/Investigator/Author
Los Angeles Ca
I'm a Psychic Medium and Parapsychological Investigator who was part of a study on Psychic Kids as a tween at UCLA where I was introduced to the field of investigating real haunted houses with Parapsychologist Dr. Thelma Moss. Since that time, I have investigated thousands of sites around the world, written and published over 60 books on my paranormal adventures Investigating with some of the most famous investigators in the U.S., UK and our encounters with Ghosts. I currently work as a consultant for Motion Pictures and Television Shows, advising screen writers, directors, and actors what "real" ghosts look like, how they act and why they "haunt." Come to my panel on Saturday at this years Gallifrey One and we'll discuss Parapsychology "Doctor Who Style." I'll show techniques using natural crystal pendulums, and share tidbits of my newest book: True Haunting's Aboard Queen Mary & Delicious Delicacies to Dine For - the cookbook with Ghost Stories. I'll also randomly read audience members Auras. Perhaps I'll have a special message for you from the great beyond...Or come to my booth My Curious Cabinet where you'll find my books, our Steam Punk style and Dr. Who themed art, custom jewelry, Clocks and other unique treasures my partner Vicki and I make in our Los Angeles Studios. My books and art come hand signed, personalized to you and are numbered limited editions. See you at Gallifrey One 28 Years Later! I'll also be available for Private Readings during the Convention Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Email me for prices and to set up appointments at icghosts@hotmail.com - You should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to my panel to get a seat as last years panels were standing room only. See you There!
Friday, February 12

1:00pm PST

Sunday, February 14

3:00pm PST