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Featured Guests

avatar for Sarah Dollard

Sarah Dollard

avatar for Jamie Mathieson

Jamie Mathieson

Writer, Doctor Who


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Andrew Cartmel

Script Editor, Doctor Who
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Paul Cornell

Writer, Doctor Who

Kevin Grazier

Turner Network Television
avatar for Lisa Hansell

Lisa Hansell

Star Trek Continues
Co-Producer/Makeup Supv.
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Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones Illustration
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James Kerwin

eOne Films; Star Trek Continues

Andy Lane

Science Fiction Author and Journalist
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Sarah Milkovich

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Larry Nemecek

Guest of Honor
avatar for Phil Plait

Phil Plait

Bad Astronomy
Writer and science communicator
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Travis Richey

Inspector Spacetime
avatar for Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts

Doctor Who Restoration Team
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Gary Russell

Novelist, Screenwriter, Script Editor
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Joseph Scrimshaw

Comedian, Writer, Podcaster
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Michele Specht

Star Trek Continues
Actress/Comedienne/Voice Actress